Managing Your Cables Have Become Easier With Our PVC Slotted Wiring Ducts

Managing Your Cables Have Become Easier With Our PVC Slotted Wiring Ducts (1)

Managing Your Cables Have Become Easier With Our PVC Slotted Wiring Ducts

Machinery and technology are a crucial part of our society. Many of these elements exist in complex formations in much of our infrastructure. Taking care of organizing and managing so many aspects is undoubtedly an art and something to be admired. Especially in the case of electrical systems, this can be a challenging aspect for technicians and electricians working with control panels and switching systems. Trailing and mixing up wires can be a hassle to manage and, in many cases, can lead to many unwanted safety and spatial challenges. 

Organizing cables is one way to solve such challenges nevertheless, proper equipment and products are required. Many solutions are touted, but PVC slotted wiring ducts are excellent for this. They are beneficial for technicians and operators that typically deal with such electrical systems extensively. They can make managing cables a lot easier due to the various benefits they offer. We will be looking broadly at slotted wiring ducts in the following article.

What are Wiring Ducts?

Wiring ducts are rigid channel systems ( flat, tubular or rectangular) that can be used as a pathway for wiring and enclosed cables. The purpose of wiring ducts is to make it easier to route and terminate wiring. This is why the tray of the wiring duct features certain parts like wire slots, cable ties, noise barriers and bonding clips. In addition, these wiring ducts can help protect your cables from external elements but not against atmospheric contaminants. In essence, they are the simplest and cheapest ways of organizing your cables while adding safety to your overall electrical system. Additionally, they are usually used within control panels and switching systems.

What are Slotted Wiring Ducts?

There are two main types of wiring ducts: slotted wiring ducts and slotless wiring ducts (also locally called as ‘unslotted’). These types can then be further divided into other wiring ducts categories, but those are not needed for this discussion. Slotted wiring ducts consist of slots and fingers on the side of the tray, much like the teeth of the comb. According to your needs, you can break off these fingers to allow you to customize routes for your cables. Of course, if you just want a straight path, you can use them for that too. Additionally, they provide quick access to the wires within. It is much easier to undertake wire termination and rerouting with slotted wire ducts than slotless ones. However, they do not provide as much protection since the wires within are more exposed.

We will be focusing more on open slot wiring ducts in this article. These wiring ducts are the best possible solution for large and complex systems. Typically, these systems will require cables to be rerouted at various points in each channel. These wiring ducts also feature open slots and removable top covers, which make accessing the wires easier in these wiring ducts. These covers typically stay firmly in place, even under highly windy conditions or if the duct is installed vertically.

What makes slotted wiring ducts a great solution for managing your cables?

Slotted wiring ducts provide a range of benefits that make them ideal for managing your cables. These cable management benefits are:

  • They allow you to manage cables with more effectiveness. In addition, they help improve scalability with more straightforward wire changes, movement and addition.
  • They can help reduce distortions and hazard risks with cables. This is because the wiring duct tray helps deflect heat away from the wires inside in high-temperature environments.
  • They can enhance how your control panel looks and operates. This is because they can allow wires to be organized, making them look more professional and making the panel easier to manage.
  • PVC wiring ducts are easy to install. They come with a plastic back and pre-drilled holes that can make them easy to hold during installation. No special equipment or instruments are required, making them safe to install. The plastic material also makes them a cheap solution for managing cables.
  • Organized cables make it easier to perform maintenance on an electrical system should the need occur. After all, bundled up cables can get in the way of troubleshooting and locating faulty wires. When trying to untangle messy cables, there is always a risk of damaging them, complicating maintenance processes.
  • They are available in different sizes and dimensions, ensuring that you can accommodate any number of cables you want to organize. Cable markers can be used at specific distances or marked on slots to help identify them.
  • Their weight is practically negligible, which makes them easier to manage if various cables need to be organized.

What to know about our PVC Slotted Wiring Ducts?

Our PVC open slotted wiring ducts are provided by RRE® and manufactured in the UAE. They are excellent for all cable management systems and can be a valuable asset for technicians and operators. The following features of our PVC wiring ducts make them perfect for your wiring management:

What to know about our PVC Slotted Wiring Ducts
  • They contain pre-notch snap-off points that make snapping off the duct fingers easier. 
  • They are manufactured from specially compounded high-impact rigid PVC. This material is much better than other standard thermoplastic that can break easily.
  • The ducts have excellent tensile and compressive strength. Hence, they don’t chip, peel, or crack easily.
  • A unique locking design lets you mount these ducts and remove the covers with ease. These duct covers will stay secure even in vertical positions. This design also ensures that the popping of wires does not occur.
  • These wiring ducts are warp-proof and self-extinguishing, making them great for protecting your cabling and wiring.
  • There are punched holes and elongated slots on the plastic base of these ducts according to DIN EN 50085-2-3 standards.

These features make them excellent for protecting, routing, and managing your cables and wires. You can get these wiring ducts in black, ivory, and white according to your needs. In addition, you can get blue and green colors if you buy from us in bulk. We recommend getting in touch with our support team about this. These wiring ducts conform to and abide by CE standards. Depending on your needs, you can get them in various dimensions and trunking sizes. They are typically 2 meters in length, and you can get up to 8 of them per box. The prices of these ducts will vary depending on the dimension sizes.

The bottom line

Complex electrical systems typically contain a lot of wiring and cabling that can be a hassle to manage. PVC slotted wiring ducts are an excellent solution for managing these cables due to a range of features. Their open slotted designs allow you to organize cables effectively with easy-to-remove fingers. Additionally, they provide some protection to the wires enclosed within. Our PVC slotted wiring ducts stand out as they provide many benefits, which makes them excellent for any electrical system creating a secure and well-managed space for technicians and operators. They abide by specific standards and are available in different dimensions and colors. We hope this article has been informational and has provided you insight into this inexpensive solution for managing your cables with ease.    


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