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Comprehensive Energy Metering Solutions Provider – Honeywell

Honeywell Dubai UAE

Comprehensive Energy Metering Solutions Provider – Honeywell

Honeywell Dubai UAE

Honeywell would indeed be the first name to pop up in every project engineer and technicians mind when they need energy meters and management products or solutions. Well, it is not surprising due to their technological dominance, product line-up and reliability.

After Honeywell acquired German metering giant Elster in 2015, they pioneered the energy metering space and, it also enabled them to venture into high growth product areas and regions. The acquisition also empowered them to increase their existing product and service portfolio.

The company has a strong foothold in the GCC region, prominently in Dubai, UAE, wherein the headquarters of the middle east is based. A small yet super-efficient country – UAE has a construction industry that is quite substantial and fast-paced. Aiding to this is Honeywell, providing quality products and services with better efficiency and smart energy management abilities — for the country to build its path towards a sustainable ecosystem and achieve its mega-sized and ambitious projects.

Developers and contracting companies in Dubai always demanded Honeywell meters for their projects as these meters top the list of DEWA and ADDC approved energy and tariff meters. Switchgear and Automation product retailers also have a high demand for various Honeywell energy meters such as AS3500, A1100 (A1100 is out of production), A1800, and AS1253.
Contracting companies and wholesalers often find it easier to acquire the meters due to higher quantities and better connections within the logistics and supply network but retailers, SMEs and subcontractors commonly must go through a series of sub-distributors causing severe delays in their projects and are seldom unable to serve their customers efficiently.

With the help of some research based on discussion with sub-contractors and retailers, Go Switchgear has comprehended that Honeywell is a tough choice when it comes to smaller projects and replacements. On average, companies (traders and sub-contractors) in the UAE receive at least 10 product enquiries of Honeywell energy meters which are not being met and eventually discarded by one or the other involved parties. For instance, there is no replacement or an alternative readily available for A1100, a direct connected meter (without CT) and can go up to 100A.

Due to such constraints, customers have started catering to brands such as ISKRA from Slovenia and other brands in APAC such as Elmex, Nippen Instruments and Veritek, who provide a much cost-effective solution for players at the lower levels of the electrical industry food chain.
Companies such as Nippen Instruments have also developed their turnkey cloud-integrated energy management system known as Nippen EASSY.

Looking at the brighter side, let us hope that Honeywell UAE solves such issues by integrating more companies in its supply network, enabling UAE to empower itself and achieve its sustainable energy goals through SME’s.


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