What are Analog Panel meters and types?

Analog panel meters are a type of panel meter that measure electrical parameters and display them using a moving needle or pointer on a dial. There are two mechanisms that enable the needle or pointer to measure.

  • Taut band
  • Pivot and Jewel

These meters come in different sizes, but common sizes include 48x48mm, 72x72mm, and 96x96mm front view. They also come in different ranges for measurements and different units for the same parameter.
While more accurate alternatives are suitable for modern situations, such as digital meters, analog panel meters are still helpful for specific situations, which will be discussed later in this article.
Typically, analog panel meters come up with basic additional features which help improve the user experience. Such as an anti-reflective glass that ensures less glare and enhances the reading and a mirror that ensures there is less parallax error, further improving readability.
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