What is a SMPS power supply (Switched Mode Power Supply)?

SMPS (Switched-mode power supply), also called switch mode power supply units, have become the primary efficient power conversion source that takes a mains voltage AC input and converts it down to a low voltage DC output, just like we have read about it in the step-down transformers. AC-DC switched-mode converters are omnipresent; the external desktop power supply for your laptop, inside your set-top box, and the wall plug-in charger for your smartphone. The SMPS 24Vdc supply unit Din Rail with 10Amp primary switch (from switchgear) is a major product from the category that can efficiently convert AC supply to DC for home devices.

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Ranges Available: 0.65A 24Vdc | 1.5A 24Vdc | 2.5A 24Vdc | 5A 24VDc | 10A 24Vdc | 20A 24Vdc

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