What is cable and busbar insulation?

Cable sleeves and busbar insulation come in the form of  sleeves or tubes  that act as protective coverings in electrical and industrial applications to insulate and safeguard cables and busbars from various environmental factors and physical damage. Here’s an overview of each.

Cable Sleeves: Cable sleeves, also known as cable insulation sleeves or cable jackets, are used to protect electrical cables and wires from mechanical abrasion, moisture, chemicals, heat, and other external factors that can damage or compromise their integrity.

Busbar Sleeves: Busbar sleeves serve a similar purpose to cable sleeves but are designed specifically for busbars. Busbars are conductive bars or strips used to distribute electrical power within electrical panels, switchgear, and substations. Busbar sleeves protect busbars from physical damage, dust, moisture, and contaminants