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Multimeter, Clamp meter and Insulation tester 5kV, in UAE | Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah . Offer prices.


Fan filter units for control panels in Dubai
Terminal vlock in UAE, DIN rail terminals by Phoenix, Terminals by Phoenix

GoSwitchgear is an online store and marketplace for consumers and businesses to trade electrical components for control panels, testing applications, and switchgear. We are a Dubai-based platform where manufacturers, traders, and consumers can connect, learn and develop their business within the electrical industry in the Middle East, via our digital catalogues, connections to the manufacturer technical support team and an ecosystem for learning and developing business opportunities within the electrical arena in GCC.

We also provide small and medium-sized traders with an opportunity to showcase their products in our electrical supply store to be able to reach a wider audience in GCC. We can help you sell your product in the UAE electrical switchgear industry.

Our products range from cables and circuit protection products such as MCB and switch Disconnectors to smaller accessories such as push buttons, cable lugs, and indicator lamps. We also supply all sizes of Havells single-core cables with copper conductors.

If you want to purchase in wholesale quantities, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our phone at +971 504309767 or email:

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