What are Single Core cables or wires?

Single core wires primarily consist of a single conductor made of copper or aluminum covered by usually PVC insulation but also covered by Rubber variants. These cables are mainly used both domestic and commercial applications within power and lighting circuits. The play an important role in connecting equipment within electrical control panels and switchgear units. Other applications also involve the internal wiring for connecting different equipment at distances using conduits and trunking.

UAE electrical switchgear industry follows DIN and BS standards for most of the electrical installations, and adheres to using single core copper conductor wires Other Emirates within UAE follow similar standards, though it is always essential to check with local building companies or authorities such DEWA, ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) or AADC (Al-Ain Distribution company). The focus of this article is primarily for low voltage copper conductor cables and wires (Such cables are provided by GoSwitchgear Dubai.

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