What are the RT 18-32 Fuse link & holder?

The RT 18-32 fuse link and holder are components used in electrical systems for protection against overcurrent. Here’s a breakdown of each component:

  1. RT 18-32 Fuse Link: This refers to a type of fuse link designed to fit into a fuse holder. The “RT” likely indicates the type or series of the fuse link. The “18-32” specifies the rated current range for which this fuse link is designed to operate effectively. In this case, it indicates that the fuse link is suitable for electrical circuits with a rated current ranging from 18 to 32 amperes.
  2. Fuse Holder: A fuse holder is a device used to contain, protect, and provide easy replacement of a fuse. It typically consists of a base or housing with contacts that connect to the electrical circuit. The fuse link fits into the holder, and when it detects an overcurrent condition, it will melt or break, interrupting the circuit to protect connected devices and prevent damage.

In summary, the RT 18-32 fuse link and holder combination would be used in electrical systems where the current ranges between 18 and 32 amperes, providing protection against overcurrent by breaking the circuit when necessary.