What are Electrical terminals and connectors?

Electrical terminals often referred to as connectors, are electrical components that create a connection between electric circuits or different parts within an electrical circuit. You can use them to create an overall large circuit that can be usually reassembled and disconnected at will. Typically, connection terminals are easily removable or require a particular tool to be reassembled. Sometimes, the connection between these terminals is permanent.

Wires are attached to these terminals through soldering or crimping. Additionally, terminal connectors tend to be labelled male and female depending on the terminal you are plugging into. There are various types of connection terminals that each have their uses. You can disconnect these terminals at will with relative ease.

A few types of connectors are:

  • Insulated and non Insulated Cable Ferrules

  • Fork Lugs

  • Spade Terminals ( male and female lugs)

  • Bullet terminals ( male and female lugs)

  • Ring Lugs

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