What is Ring Lug?

A ring lug, also known as a ring terminal or ring connector, is a type of electrical connector designed for secure and reliable attachment to a terminal or stud. It consists of a metal ring or loop made of conductive material, typically copper or brass, with a hole in the center sized to fit over a screw or stud. The wire or cable is attached to the ring lug by inserting it through the hole and then crimping, soldering, or welding the connection to secure it.

Ring lugs are commonly used in electrical wiring applications where a strong and durable connection is required, such as in automotive, marine, industrial, and residential electrical systems. They are often used to connect wires to terminals on circuit breakers, switches, relays, and other electrical components. The ring shape of the lug provides a large surface area for contact with the terminal, ensuring good conductivity and minimizing the risk of loosening or detachment over time.