kWh Meter VIPS84 DIN CT Veritek CT Operated Single/Three Phase Energy Meter

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Technical Specification kWh Meter Veritek VIPS 84 DIN CT operated

 Electrical Connection  3 phase 4 wire/1 phase2 wire
Input Voltage Range 0500V AC (LL)
Frequency 45-65Hz
 Input Current Range 0.15A63A
Auxiliary Supply 90270V A/DC (±15%)

Measuring Parameters

  • Active energy
  • Voltage (LL)
  • Voltage (LN )
  • Current (line)
  • Power factor (phase)
  • Power (Active, Reactive and Apparent)
  • Frequency (System )
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (Phase wise): Voltage and Current
  • Load hour
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