Analog + Digital Multimeter with Insulation Tester 1KV 3G Ohm | RISH MIT30

Technical Specifications Insulation Tester Combined with Digital Multimeter

Insulation resistance measurement up to 3GΩ
Current measurement up to 300A
Temperatures from -200 to 800ºC using pt100 and pt 1000 sensors
For clear visibility in dark conditions, RISH MIT 30 is featured with backlit
Measurement with clip-on current sensor with ratio 1mv/10mA
With zero adjustment, without zero adjustment + 50 digits
Minimum 600 hours on Vdc, Adc ,240 hours on Vac, Aac
MΩISO @500,250V, 100V, 50 V, 2400 Measurements possible with nominal current


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